Welcome to Widecast….Student Radio from Widener University

Widecast’s mission is to continue the tradition established in 1968 to run a successful radio station, stay up-to-date on the latest forms of technology, and to provide the newest music to their listeners. Widecast is re-establishing itself once again in the Delaware Valley and we hope you continue to spread the word and support us!

Listed Below is the Schedule of our Shows:

  1. Roy Cole says:

    The football broadcast are excellent, it is hard to believe that the announcers are actually students. They sound professional and do a great job.

    The station should do more to promote the event, could even sell air time advertisments

  2. Domenico Polselli says:

    Vintage Wax is a Fantastic show!

  3. DeFusco, George & Catherine says:

    Mike…if you’re working tonight…play something from the 50’s…We have you on the compudter…
    Love, MomMom & PopPop

  4. Joe love says:

    do you play indie r&b music????

  5. The internet is fueling the success of music because
    it can be listened to at any time of the day and anywhere
    in the world. It was an entertaining radio program
    that played the music people wanted to hear combined with his groovy
    upbeat personality. You will need an outside antenna to get clear reception on your radio.

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